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I love doing my nails. I find the practice of doing a manicure soothing. I know you’re thinking, “Are you crazy?” But I really do! Following the steps of the process is kind of like a ritual. Trim, file, soak, push back and nip cuticles, massage in lotion and cuticle oil, wipe nail beds with alcohol swab, apply base coat, 2 coats of lacquer, top coat, let dry. Ahhhh. The ritual. But sometimes you simply want to try something new. So I did.

A woman I work with in the office came in sporting the CUTEST nails. White and mint green chevron. DYING! I had to ask her where she had them done at. She bought them … they were appliqués. What the what?! They looked so good! Not that I’m giving appliqués a bad name, but I’d tried them before. They felt weird and peeled off in a day. Not to mention that I really didn’t like the patterns and colors I see in the stores. But these were different, she said. The ones she had on were Jamberry Nail Appliqués. She gave me her niece’s website and immediately went to see what else they had.

I loved so many of them.

I ordered four patterns.

I rejoiced when they shipped.

I squeed aloud when they arrived! (at the office…sorry, cube-mates!)

When I calmed down a little, I read the instructions on how to apply them. The application process is a bit different than I thought it would be. One big difference is that you need to heat them before you apply them. (Check out the YouTube videos on the website which are really helpful). But all in all, the process didn’t really take that much longer than doing my ritualistic manicure – plus they didn’t need to dry. BONUS!! The nail art patterns are really cute, too. I am OK at doing nail art Image(see, not bad, huh?) But not intricate patterns like the Jamberry appliques.

One drawback is that you are stuck (no pun intended) with set sizes and some of them didn’t fit my nail beds perfectly, however I kind of expected that as this is how the appliques work. I’m also noticing on day 2 of this manicure that the appliqués are starting to lift on the tips. Rookie error in the application? Not sure. The next set I apply will let me know for sure.

photoHere’s the finished product with my Jamberry Appliques… Cute, right? I really like this pattern. This one is called Navy Quatrefoil

So, am I a nail appliqué convert? No, not completely. I still want to do perform my nail ritual, not to mention I have too many polishes to count. Seriously I have a problem (ask the hubby, he will confirm.) But will I use these every once in awhile so I can enjoy some great nail art without paying $5 a nail at my local salon? You bet!!


Until next time …

The Blushing Baker 😉


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