My Summer Must-haves

Wow! For a short week, it’s seemed like a long one! Holiday weekends/weeks always make the time fly. I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. It is a time of remembrance and gratitude to for those who have served to keep our country safe. To our Veterans past, present and future – Thank you for all you will do/are doing/have done.

This week was also my birthday week! I am blessed with so many family and friends who make me feel so special. This was my first birthday as a married woman, and it was spectacular! The hubs always makes me feel so special and loved. I can’t tell you how much this man means to me. Okay…enough with mush 😉 On to the summer fun!!

In the Chicago ‘burbs we have had string of warm days and after the winter we’ve had, it was a welcome change! I forgot how nice it is to go outside in a t-shirt sans a hoodie. The days are getting longer and it’s nice to take a leisurely walk after dinner again. How I’ve missed the summer! The heat and sun prompted me to start pulling out my summer skincare and makeup this week, so I thought I would share what I love to use when the weather heats up.

FreshFresh Soy Face Cleanser is now my go-to cleaner. It’s light and fresh and removes the grime from sweat, makeup, workouts – you name it! It’s also gentle and has a fresh cucumber scent. I love that it’s not a foamy cleanser – it’s actually more of gel. And it has a lot of soothing ingredients (cucumber, rose water, mallow extract) that keep my skin from getting too pink. It also melts away my eye makeup like a breeze! I love this stuff!!

Exfoliation is key to keeping my skin clear during the summer. I tend to get blemishes from time to time, but the Gentle Complexion Correction pads by Peter Thomas Roth keep them at bay. PTRI use them three-four times per week during my evening skincare routine (I’ve built up to this – start slowly if you’re just getting started with exfoliating). They really do exfoliate amazingly well for being so gentle. Sweat, dirt, sunblock can all lead to breakouts during the summer months but keep these little guys in your bag of skincare tricks and you’ll be nice and clear all summer long.

Cultured PearlNext up, some eye colors! I like to keep things light and shimmery this time of year so this little pot of Cultured Pearl by Bare Minerals goes on first (after some shadow primer). I love this pale pink! It has a little shimmer and touch of very fine glittery sparkle. It’s lays the perfect base for this little beauty – L’Oreal Paris Infallible shadow in Amber Rush. It’s a universal shade looks awesome on all eye colors and Amber Rushskin tones. I can’t take all of the credit for this awesome find. It was a pin on Pinterest. The pin made this eyeshadow look very pink, but it’s really more of a … well … amber color. I still love it. I just apply it with my ring finger on the lower lid and finish with black eye liner and mascara and I’m done!

Mint BlissSmooth, soft feet are essential for me this time of year. Regular pedicures or run-ins with a pumice stone are definite must for me with all the sandals I wear (my toes need to be free!) So after a good scrub I absolutely LOVE to apply Mary Kay’s Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion. It smells so fresh and light. I love anything mint flavored or scented. The mint in this also keeps your skin nice and cool this time of year. It absorbs really fast and helps me to extend my pedicure several more days.Love it!!

I hope you that you will try some of these products. They truly are some of my favorites and I would love to hear what you think! Leave some comments after you try one of them (or all of them!) If you have some favorite summer products that weren’t mentioned here leave them in the comments as well! Share the love, people!

Until next time…

The Blushing Baker 😉


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