Here a dot, there a dot…

Recently on my Instagram feed I notice a new nail trend (I follow a lot of nail artists)… The Doticure.

The Low Down: The Doticure basically a nail art trend using a base color and then adding little dots in one or more colors to create patterns or designs.

I really love the doticure because I really love polka dots. They are so cute and cheerful. When I rock my polka dots I feel happy so I decided to go and figure how to do create this trend myself. How you ask? By watching some of the how to videos that get posted on Instagram and Pinterest feeds, of course!

nail art dotting kitAfter watching the videos I set out on a journey (read: two minute drive) to my local Sally Beauty supply. Low and behold,  I found a pack of 5 double ended dotting tools! Hooray! (They were $8.99 + tax) I have PLENTY of polishes (but I may have picked up a couple more) so I scurried home to get my doticure on!

The options you can create with these little wonders are seemingly endless!! They are pretty easy to use, too, which is an added bonus. I have done three manicures with these little wonders so far and I love the results so I’m going to share them with you!

The Original: 

opi and essie products used for this doticure

Created by using a white base (My Vampire Is Buff by OPI) and then using three different dotting colors: Naughty Nautical (dark teal), In the Cab-ana (light teal) and Warm & Toasty Turtleneck (lavender) by Essie. I really like how the colors compliment each other. This was my first attempt and I was really happy with the results! By using the varying sizes of dots you can create a nice dimension, too.

Little White Flowers:

flower nail art using china glaze

I got the idea for this one from a friend who tagged me in a How-To video on Instagram. The idea is to choose a medium-sized end and place your dots close together to create a petal pattern. Once the petals are dry you can add the center of the flower by using a small-sized end. To create the leaves…I used needle nose tweezers. They have the perfect leaf-like shape! I liked how these came out because of the hot pink background and the white petals. A reverse of other designs that I’ve seen. It was quite poppy! Also? They were my “birthday nails” 🙂

Tiny Bubbles:

opi nail art manicure

This was the most recent of my doticures. I used Steady As She Rose by OPI for the base and Funny Bunny by OPI for the “bubbles”. This one was so sweet and soft and girly. It kind of reminds me of a bubble bath. I also got the most compliments on this one. I think most people like neutral manis so that makes sense. It was the simplest to do because you only use two colors and vary the ends of the dotting tools so it looks like bubbles floating up from the bottom corner.

If you have some links to nail art you’d like me to try out, post them in the comments below! I’ll give them a try and let you know (and see!) how it turned out.

Until next time…

The Blushing Baker 😉


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