Curling an Asymmetrical Bob

About three months ago give or take a week or two, I cut 8″ off of my hair. I decided to have it cut into a stacked bob (or asymmetrical bob). I do this from time to time. Grow my hair long and then cut it into this style. It’s fun and easy to do and my hair falls nicely into the cut.

After my latest refresh of the layers I asked my stylist for tips on how to curl hair this short; I was growing bored of the sleek, straight look. I’ll pass on her tips and advice to you!!

I started by washing and conditioning my hair with OGX’s new B5 shampoo and conditioner (it’s amazing!!). Because I have fine but naturally curly hair, I used L’Oreal Professionnel Smooth Essence on the ends and Big Sexy Hair Root Pump on the roots and then blew it dry with a vent brush.

Her first piece of advice was to use a curling iron with a barrel no larger than 1 1/2″. Otherwise your curls will fall too quickly. Next nugget of wisdom? Alternate the direction of your curls. So basically you’ll curl one section toward your face and the next section away from your face. The pieces framing your face should be curled away from your face, in my humble opinion.

This is what my head of curls looked like before I finger combed them…

Curls, curling iron, hair, styling tools, hair style

See how they alternate? See?! 🙂 Side note: If you have trouble getting your curls to stay all day, use a curl setting spray like Redken’s Hot Sets spray. I didn’t use it today, but it does help a lot.

And here’s what it looks like all combed out and tussled…

Curling iron, curls

And the other side…


Happy curling!

Until next time…

The Blushing Baker 😉


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