The Double Cleanse

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I am just going to admit it. I’m just going to come clean right here, right now. I am a skincare junkie. I cannot walk past a Sephora without going and buying something. I have a hard time staying with the same products because I am yearning (yes, I yearn) to try the newest/latest/greatest. I think it started after my first trip to the Macy’s (then Marshall Field’s) cosmetics department after I started my first full-time job after college. I stood there in wonder at all the potions and lotions, cleansers and creams. Oh, the sheer wonder and beauty of it all! This girl could not contain herself (and almost didn’t make rent). Ever since that moment I crave to try out new products with the latest ingredients.

But recently I’ve noticed that my just isn’t looking as great as it could. I have combination/oily skin with a (serious) tendency for breakouts and the breakouts? They were becoming a recent addition to my face. I was thinking about what I was doing wrong or different and I had a light bulb moment. I needed to go back to basics (must like The Barefoot Contessa did on her show).

I went back to esthetics school (in my mind) and reviewed the steps of a basic facial. And the first step was a double cleanse. Why was I skipping that step in my nightly routine?! In school we used Dermalogica and they have a lovely product called Precleanse. It was basically an oil that emulsified the oils and dirt on the face and prepared skin for a proper cleansing. Duh! Why wasn’t I doing this at home every night?! However, I didn’t want to go out and purchase Precleanse (You can! It’s a great product, but I don’t have the dough, man!) So instead, I decided to use Makeup Removing Wipes by Neutrogena. They are perfect for a precleanse, because the rid your skin of the first layer of ick (makeup and dirt) and allow your cleanser to really get to work on your skin.

I can tell you that adding this step has made a huge difference in the clarity of my skin. It may seem simple, but it works. It is worth the extra minute or two to really get my skin clean. You can usually get two packs of the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes at Target for around $10.00 and they will last for about month and half. If you wanted to go with the Dermalogica Precleanse you can find it online or at Ulta at it will put you back about $40.00. Either way you go they are made for all skin types and will greatly increase the effectiveness of your cleanser.

Happy cleansing!!

Until next time..
The Blushing Baker 😉


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