Sparkly-Strong Nails!

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I recently rediscovered OPI’s Nail Envy. It has saved my nails! For the longest time my nails were peeling and breaking and I was miserable. I love painting my nails and I couldn’t. I just wouldn’t last. My nails would peel away and the polish would obviously go with it. I tried vitamins, strengtheners of all brands, nail masks – everything! And none of it was working. And then I decided I would try Nail Envy again. It’s pricey – but here’s the thing: it works! It took some time (about three weeks of treatment) but I finally started to see results. Most of my nails stopped peeling after the first full week and they were growing really fast!

Nail Envy, OPI, Nail Strengthener, Nails, before and afterThe final result was posted on my Instagram feed a week or so ago, but I am posting it again. Look at these beauties! Amazing before and after, if I do say so myself!

My new manicure routine is as follows:

1) OPI BondAid
2) OPI Nail Envy
3) Gelish Base Coat by American Classic Treatments
4) Two-coats Polish (whichever color/brand is tickling my fancy at the moment)
5) Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
6) OPI Drip Dry
7) Pacifica’s Indian Coconut Nectar Body Cream (I’ve been using this all summer! It smells ahhhhmazing!!)

For the sparkly mani pictured above, I chose Cult Cosmetic in Runyon for a sage-green base (it’s a lovely summer-to-fall transition color) and then topped it off with Carnival by Essie for some pretty glitter. I love how sparkly it is!! It would be a good clear coat glitter topper for galaxy nails. I’m working on those for a coming post as well. Stay tuned!!

Until Next Time…
The Blushing Baker


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