Why is it so hard to write an “About Page”? It’s a simple thing, really. Write about yourself. But ugh! So let me make a list…I’m great at lists!

  • My name is Amber (this is easy!)
  • I am in my 30s ::shudder:: it sounds so old when you say it, but I don’t feel old.
  • I am a licensed esthetician
  • I am a makeup artist who loves to do bridal makeup (see!)
    makeup artist, makeup, bridal makeup, weddings
  • I also love to bake yummy and beautiful treats
  • I feel that in some way I have to be related Ina Garten, Ree Drummond and Bobbie Brown. Have. To. Be!
  • Doing my manicure is my soothing ritual
  • One day I want to have a huge bathroom with a beautiful soaker tub
  • One day I want to have a huge kitchen with a professional oven and marble slab for making pastries
  • Just determined…I one day will need to win the lottery

That wasn’t so bad! That was kind of fun. Who said writing an About Page was hard? Oh yeah. I did. Ha! In my face!


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