Pumpkin Spice Scones

pumpkin, autumn, fall, baking, copy cat, starbucks, scones, icing, pumpkin spice, PSLThis year autumn is flying by way too fast and I am a firm believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving to start celebrating (and decorating for) Christmas. The Pilgrims and Pumpkins will still have their day! So I am making sure that I still give pumpkins and apples their day in the sun.

To that end, I spent this afternoon working on some pumpkin spice scones. I followed a Starbucks copy cat recipe that I found online. It seemed easy enough and I already had several of the ingredients. I just swapped out the ground clove (I didn’t have it) for allspice. It still has the same warmth and depth so I figured it would be ok.

Simply put these scones are amazing. They are soft and tender and fluffy and, if I’m being honest here, they are better than the Starbucks version. And another plus? Our little home smells so good right now. I wish you could be here to experience it. It’s so cozy and filled with that distinctive autumn spice. I’d make you a cup a of tea and we would sit together on my couch cuddled in blankets eating these yummy scones and watching HGTV. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I think so, too. 🙂

For this recipe, just click through to Cooking Classy’s blog and have at it. I don’t know Jaclyn, but her blog is filled with amazing recipes. You’ll love it!

Happy Fall!!
The Blushing Baker